Hitchmate - Cargo Carriers

Cargo Carrier

HitchMate is the Australian version of a motor vehicle accessory that is popular on the highways and byways of both Europe and North America. HitchMates are built the Aussie way - strong. Exactly what's necessary for our road conditions, sturdy enough to take on the worst road surfaces.

HitchMate goes where you want to go and makes sure that your cargo gets there and back home with you. Cargo carriers are manufactured in three different sizes to ensure compliance when attached to most any vehicle with a Class 4 towbar, sedans, wagons, utes, 4WD's or motorhomes.

We also offer optional rails, light sets, visual marker poles, platform risers along with tyre channels and bicycle hoops specifically for push bikes, making HitchMate a very versatile motoring accessory.

Unlike a small utility trailer the HitchMate cargo carrier has no moving parts to fail, no annual rego to pay, has no effect on the vehicle's fuel usage and reverses without worry.

  • Easy on! Easy off! Easy storage!
  • Incredibly strong
  • Save money - no annual rego
  • Save petrol - no wind drag
  • No ladders - no overhead lifting, no falls
  • Easy parking - you need only a single parking space
  • Reversing - go where you want to go
  • Keeps the messy stuff outside
  • No flat tyres
  • No extra campsite or ferry tolls for over-length
  • And, It's LEGAL and COMPLIANT Australia-wide - it WORKS!


Motorbike / Scooter Carrier

The HitchMate Motorbike / Scooter carrier is designed to safely support and carry a single motorbike or scooter on almost any vehicle equipped with a Class 4 towbar receiver. The higher the towbar ball-weight, the more weight you can safely carry.

The HitchMate motorcycle carrier is a channel design with multiple tie down points and supplied with full length loading ramp, ADR compliant lighting and accessory rego plate holder, visibility reflectors and a fitted and adjustable front tyre support chock; all standard and included.


HitchMate offer two motorcycle/scooter carrier models for distinctly different applications.

The On-Road model is designed for motorbike/scooter transport on roadways and highways and capable of carrying a motorbike of up to 130kgs. This carrier comes complete with two pair of tiedown points with the front pair adjustable. Standard lighting is included with LED lighting an optional extra.

The Off-Road model will accommodate a motorbike up to 220kgs on an appropriate vehicle with a Class 4 towbar and safely transport it anywhere this host vehicle can take it. Again, the loading ramp, four tie down points with both pairs adjustable, ADR compliant LED lighting, rego plate holder and adjustable front tyre support chock are all standard.

Both carriers can be ordered to load from either the right or left side and equipped with the wiring plug appropriate for your specific vehicle.

Both HitchMate motorcycle/scooter carrier models are designed to accept an optional motorized winching system allowing for a single rider to easily and safely load a substantial or manual clutch motorbike onto the HitchMate carrier....And ...like our cargo carriers the HitchMate motorbike/scooter carrier when appropriately installed is compliant nationwide. All you need are the tiedown straps and a destination. And yes, …you can take it with you.